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A Public adjuster can bring expert credentials to all phases of the insurance claim adjusting process. We also aim to set the industry standards with our commitment to professionalism and ethical standards and a strong understanding of the importance of representing the best interests of the policyholder.


Calling a public adjuster prior to making a claim allows for our insurance professionals to review your coverage’s to insure you meet your obligations under the insurance contact, thereby generating favorable claim settlements.


Our dedicated teams of public adjusters are motivated to work honestly for the utmost benefits of clients. We proudly represent our clients using the highest levels of ethics.


You gain extra confidence to re-focus on other important issues by hiring an experienced public adjuster. Many of our clients understand the opportunity cost associated with navigating complex insurance adjustments unrepresented.

Let us help you with your insurance claim.

Let us help you with your insurance claim.

Public Adjusters are committed to maximizing your benefits, settling for no less than what you are legitimately entitled to under your policy. Our members would be happy to provide you a free telephone consultation to discuss your claim and the best way to get you quickly indemnified. We are happy to furnish you with references so you can speak with our past clients, many who have suffered similar losses and can explain what they feel have been the benefits of hiring a public adjuster.

  1. ”Insurable

    aventura Public Adjusters have considered and appraised the business assets for countless insurance claims of small, middle and large market firms. In this regard, we have an expert team who has many years of appraising experience for all types of machinery, personal property and equipment. It is very important to establish the amount of insurance for an event of loss. It will save you from paying premiums that will not be recovered as well. Read More
  2. ”Replacement

    Replacement cost is considered as the amount that it would cost to replace assets at current values. It looks so simple till you read the term current values, in which replacements values are expected to be applied with quality and utility.Read More
  3. ”Business

    It is critical to consider potential loss in income due to any sudden disaster. Business Interruption Insurance covers this often overlooked, but very common, potential type of loss. Aventura Public Adjusters Read More
  4. ”Extra

    Most commonly when a property is destroyed, the largest business costs are extra expenses and lost income. In such cases, it is very hard to determine the value for covering extra expenses such as phone and internet re-connection or rental cars. Read More
  5. ”Adjusting

    Aventura Public Adjusters deliver a courtroom experienced team who know that a disaster claim’s legal outcome is based on solid calculations forming the basis of well-prepared claims. Public adjusters represent clients as their link to the jury. Read More
  6. ”Appraisals

    The appraisal process starts only when a proposed insurance claim award for covering the claim is disputed. At this stage, an appraisal provision is requested in writing by the either party. Next, both the policyholder and the insurance company must select an independent third party Read More
  7. ”Commercial

    Miami Public Adjusters have applied their impressive claims adjustment track record to the establishment of the insurable values for all types of personal property, buildings and equipment in every industry. Read More
  8. ”Appraisals

    Aventura Public Adjusters have extensive knowledge in calculating the insurable values for all types of offices, industrial and specialty buildings, retail structures, including property, office equipment and furnishings. Read More
  9. ”Help

    Aventura Public Adjusters are experienced professionals in helping all types of real estate and property loses. We have an aim to provide best insurance claims assistance to owners of individual property, family homes and small businesses. Read More